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We’re on a mission to provide a maximum
and realistic nutritions for everyone,
so they can get their wellness
of the highest quality.
We’re on a mission to provide a maximum and realistic nutritions for everyone, so they can get their wellness of the highest quality.
Our Mission
Fruters Station has set the standard for cold pressed juice that is suitable and can be consumed by many people. Our Cold Pressed Juice is the way we create a bridge to keep someone feeling refreshed, recovered, and return to a healthier lifestyle. We aim to bring a healthy lifestyle to everyday activities because health is at the heart of our business.
We make Cold Pressed Juice,
Healthy Drink, Wellness Shot, and Cleanse Package.
Up to 1 kg of fruits and vegetables in one bottle.
Fruters Station provides juices that made from fresh, tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables. With a wide variance of categories and flavors.
Natural Taste Inside.
We offer Healthy Drink with a variety of unique and fresh flavors, of course, without the addition of water, sugar, and no preservative mix in it so you can feel the natural freshness.
Nutrient and tasty shots.
This small bottle but has big benefits is produced from strong and original ingredients.
We make it wholeheartedly so it accessible and affordable by many people.
With 50+ stores throughout Indonesia, we provide the best for you so that no one can prevent you from drinking juice from Fruters Station.
50+ retail locations.
Local delivery
Shipped to your door.
Fruters is a beverage company that bring a healthy lifestyle for daily activities because health is the heart of our business.
and this our Story
A precious purpose.
Developed countries starts with the best nutritions of the future generations. That's our main goal. Started at the end of 2011, we planned to made a type of healthy snack from fruit. Fruit leather– with the aim is to make everyone have a healthier snack.
Our Story 2
It all started with a small idea but then had a big impact.
Flango is our first product that produced in an unused laboratory at Padjadjaran University. Due to limited material, Flango was processed only from a juice that contained “a mango gedong gincu” and water then being dried. In the end, flango isn’t a fruit leather, yes it’s a different snack from us because of the different texture and thickness.
26 October 2013, with all the ups and downs, we started to sell Flango. Flango, which we thought was a failed product, turned out to be the most wanted product than fruit leather. Flango is very unique. But in business terms, Flango requires a lot of capital and is less profitable. The ineffective and ineffecient manufacturing process of Flango didn’t make it as the right choice for doing business.
Or Story 3
A different way to a healthier life.
December 2013. After researched, with only 1 employee, we started to sell Mango Dessert in every canteen at Padjajaran University. Unexpectedly, Mango Dessert enthusiasts are increasing. Mango Dessert has begun to be accepted in the wider community and it start to sell at WALE Cafe, Bandung.
2014 was a good year for us as we began to expand our sales to several stores, Kemchicks Pacific Place and Foodhall.
January 2015. After going through ups and downs a lot, we became part of the Asiavesta group. We had an office in Alamanda Tower, South Jakarta. All production moved to a house in the Jatinangor area.
Become our greatest company.
In 2017, we decided to make our own company and left the Asiavesta group. All of our production moved to Bekasi. This year, we started producing the first healthy drink, namely coconut water, which was then followed by the production of kelapa hijau.
Now, Fruters Station has more than 50 retail branches in Jabodetabek. We're still a scrappy start-up, but every day we're getting closer to our mission.
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