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Closing Order, Payment and Changing Plan

Closing at 15.00 WIB for the next morning delivery plan

Estimation Time Arrival

Couriers leave every morning at 7 in a cooler box from Central Jakarta. Please selects the delivery date D-1, so you can start healthy as early as possible.

Stores Fruters in Cold Refrigerator

Our juice estimated can hold into 2-3 hours at room temperature or 2-3 days in the refrigerator.


Our Today Promo


Welcoming your healthy life with our cleanses package.

Celery Juice

Your morning bestfriend is finally here, try me!

Immune Booster

Delicious juices for mornings to give you a burst of energy.

Glowing Skin

You don't need synthetic supplements or facial treatments. Focusing on what you put in your body is a great overall strategy.

Lower Cholesterol

It's important to include many plant-based foods inside this juices. Try me!

Stress Away

Traveling can relieve stress, also me!

Red Juice

The red power to put you on the healthy side of life.


A fresh gedong gincu will be the best dessert in town.

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