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Frequently Asked Questions


Cold Pressed Juice is extracted from vegetables and fruits using a special type of juicer called a hydraulic cold press. Hydraulic cold press used to avoid the heat or oxygen added to the juices so it can protects and preserves the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, by consuming Cold Pressed Juice you still get healthy benefits of vegetables and fruits that are used because all the nutrients naturally kept intact and unaltered.
Because Cold Pressed Juice used a special method to avoid the heat or oxygen added to the juices so it protects the nutrition of fruit and vegetables. Cold pressed juice is made purely from 100 percent fruit and vegetables without additional components. There is no additional water, sugar, and food coloring so that all comes naturally from vegetables and fruit.
Fruters are produced in Bekasi, Indonesia.
Yes, of course. We recommend you to recycle the bottle after use. You can use the bottle as a water bottles, mini vase, stationary, and can even be used for spice jars. But, don't forget to rinse the bottle first before using it!

How to order Fruters products? You can placed our products through website www.fruters.com, Whatsapp +62811 8080 811, Shopee, and Tokopedia.

Here’s the step for ordering our products through website fruters.com :

1. Create your Fruters account by clicking the Register button at the top right of the main page.

2. For our product catalog, you can click the SHOP button and select the product you want, then click ORDER NOW.

3. Choose the number of product variants that you want to be purchased.

4. Specify the date of delivery of the product that you want to be purchased.

5. Please enter your address and mobile number correctly, so that our courier can deliver the juices to your door safely.

6. If you have a voucher code, please enter the code on the checkout page. If you want to change the number of products, please click the plus icon (+) it’s next to the number of products to be purchased. If you want to delete an order, please click the trash icon, next to the name of the product to be purchased.

7. If you have finished making an order, please re-check data that you have filled in. Then click the CHECKOUT button.

No, you don’t have to. If you have made an order through the website, your order will automatically be registered and noted in our database so you don’t have to reconfirm to our whatsapp.
For complaints and refund processes, you can contact us directly via whatsapp at 08118080811.
Yes, it can. For more information, please contact our admin via WhatsApp at 08118080811.
Of course. We’d be happy to help you shower your friends and family with healthy gifts, and commemorate any and every occasion. Simply enter the name and delivery address of your lucky recipient at checkout on our website, or you can place an order via WhatsApp at 08118080811.
Yes, of course. We provide greeting cards with no additional fee to you and of course without a minimum purchase.


Cleansing is a way of clearing the clutter from your system, and pressing reset. Juice cleanse is a free of having a heavy meal for 1 day. By consuming 6 bottles of cold pressed juice containing 500 ml and you can also drink a mineral water and (or) coconut water.
Detox helps to remove toxins from the body, turn into impurities, and get rid of it as much as possible. Detox includes changes in diet and lifestyle. Detox can usually be done by taking supplements and also by sauna. Meanwhile, cleanse aims to flush out the digestive tract by removing toxins in our digestion just by drinking juice.
Cleanse has many benefits including reduce inflammation in the body, losing weight, increase your stamina, improve digestion, cleanse the liver, and nourish the skin.
Cleanse products from Fruters are not a drugs, but it can be the food with a special form is cold pressed juice. Vegetables and fruits are certainly an important part of healthy life to avoid various diseases. Therefore, the decision is yours for cleansing or not.
Every single day, our body consume a lot of food and drinks that contain oils and fats. Our body also absorb a lot of pollution. Cleanse regularly can help to cleanse toxins in the body, make hormones balanced, and not easily grow pimples. That is, our body will feel lighter after cleansing.
Of course you can. You can do any activity like your normal life when doing cleansing.
Yes you can. Because mineral water isn’t contain calories so it’s right to hydrate yourself while being cleansing.
Cleansing can be done for you who have an ulcer. We also have a cleanse program specifically for an ulcers sufferers.
Yes you can do it, because your body still gets complete nutrition every 1-2 hours from the juices.
We recommend you to cleanse once a week. Because your body needs to be cleaned regularly from poisons.

Fruters Products

Our products are divided into 5 categories which have various flavors. Healthy Drink, Cold Pressed Juice, Wellness Shot, Pasteurized Drink.
To enhance the body's immunity, we provide you our 'Immune Booster' products that specially prepared from fresh vegetables and fruit that can help you maintain your body’s immunity so you’re not getting sick easily.
You can keep it in the refrigerator until you are ready to drink. Don't forget to shake the bottle slowly before you drink.
Cold Pressed Juice is made from fresh ingredients, without preservatives and any mixture so the juices easily stale. Juices can last estimated 2-3 days in the refrigerator storage, and 2-3 hours in the room temperature.
Cold Pressed Juice may be frozen. If you are unable to begin your cleanse or drink your juices when you received it, you are able to freeze your juices for later consumption. By freezing Cold Pressed Juice, the estimated durability of the product can be up to 7 days.
If you have a medical concerns of any kind, we recommend you to check and consult with a doctor or medical professional before purchasing our products.
Absolutely. Our products can be consumed by a Kids and Toddler with a minimum 1 year old. We also have 'Kids & Toddler' products that made specifically for children and toddlers with a variety of flavors that can make your child healthy from an early age. For further information, please contact our admin via whatsapp at 08118080811.
Yes. Our products are safe to be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women. We have 'Preggo Best Friend' and 'Asi Booster' products that made specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding women with a variety of flavors.

Celery Juice

Yes, it's safe! Celery juice can be consumed every day because it has a very beneficial for anyone who wants to prevent the diseases.
The best time to drink celery juice is in the morning, after waking up. Because when you wake up, your stomach is still empty and hasn't consumed anything.
Yes, you can! One of the benefits of drinking celery juice is controlling blood pressure. So, if you drink celery juice it can help you to purify blood flow in the body, increase blood flow circulation, and reduce blood pressure.
Celery juice has many benefits including being able to destroy cancer cells, reduce cholesterol levels, control blood pressure, maintain a balanced pH level, losing weight, and many more.
Yes. Celery juice is safe to be consumed by pregnant women.
It depends on what condition the person is in. Almost everyone feels benefits of some kind in their first week of drinking celery juice in the right amount and in the right way daily. But that’s all depends to your health condition.
Celery juice is most powerful when you drink it alone. If you find the taste of straight celery juice too strong, but it will produce the greatest benefits to your body. Adding other ingredients to the juice will dilute its medicinal properties. Wait 15-30 minutes after drinking your celery juice, before consuming anything else.
16 ounces of straight celery juice a day is ideal for receiving its healing benefits. But, increasing up to 24 to 32 ounces a day can be extremely beneficial for anyone suffering with chronic illness or symptoms.
Of course, celery juice has amazing benefits for the health and development of children.
The reason why we juice the celery instead of eating it is because juicing will get more powerful benefits to healing chronic illness. Some experts says to get the benefits to cure chronic diseases, celery juice is the right drink to consumed. Eating celery will help and can be part of your diet, but you will not be able to consume enough celery to get the same benefits as drinking celery juice.

Green Coconut Water

Right! Green coconut water has low calories and contains natural enzymes and minerals so it’s safe for you who want to consume every day.
Green coconut water has the main benefits of reducing blood sugar levels, preventing heart disease, losing weight, and helping to overcome mild diarrhea.
Of course! One of the benefits that you will get when you drink green coconut water is to lose weight because green coconut water can reduce excess appetite.
We strongly recommend you to drink enough green coconut water, consuming it one to two bottles of green coconut water each day is enough.
Yes, its certainly safe! The content of green coconut water is able to maintain the health of the embryo, and also able to make baby's skin white and smooth. Green coconut water also contains antibacterial substances that make pregnant women avoid disease.
The fact is green coconut water is better than mineral water. A simple fact that supports this is that green coconut water is more hydrating and contains a higher amount of electrolytes and minerals. Green coconut water is rich in potassium and low in carbohydrates and sodium, which are needed by people who need replenishment such as athletes or those who are sick.
Green coconut water will help you to relieve stomachache and do bowel movements. Stomach aches can be caused by ingestion of many indigestible and undesirable substances which may include toxins. Green coconut water is the right drink for consumption to help remove these toxins in a very short time.
Some experts mention the benefits of green coconut water that is against diabetes and can reduce blood sugar levels. So that green coconut water is suitable for diabetics.
Green coconut water has a natural freshness so it tends to expire easily in about 24 to 36 hours even if it is cold. However, it might take longer based on what is used to package the product.
Green coconut water is good to consume anytime! Morning, afternoon, or evening or even before, during, or after exercising.

Delivery + Subsciptions

Where the routes of your delivery products? Every morning at 7 am, our couriers leave with a cooler box from Central Jakarta and delivered it to your door. Our delivery areas are :

- All areas of DKI Jakarta

- All areas of Tangerang

South Tangerang Ciputat, East Ciputat, Pamulang, Pondok Aren, North Serpong.

- Bekasi

West Bekasi, South Bekasi, North Bekasi, Jatisampurna, Medan Satria, Pondok Gede, Pondok Melati

- Depok

Beji, Cimanggis, Cinere, Cipayung, Limo

- West Java : Bogor, Bandung.

When placing your order, we recommend you to selects the delivery date D-1, so you can start healthy as early as possible.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but for now we only accept orders according to the available delivery area.
Yes you can. For more explanation about this please contact whatsapp at 08118080811.
There is no registration fees for subscribing our products. For more information about subscribing to our products, please contact WhatsApp at 08118080811, our admin is ready to help you.
For those who have subscribed, the minimum delivery products is 2 bottles.
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