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Celery, Apple, Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger

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Say bye to your morning coffee!
I know morning coffee is an everyone’s favorite. But, have you tried me? I can be your substitute if you want a best morning drink. I’m rich of benefits too. Foundation of celery inside me play it roles very well. Another ingredients in me also gives you a layer of pleasant taste. Leave your morning coffee and be friend with me.


My ginger can help reducing your nausea, and also make you saying bye to muscle soreness.


I have a lot of nutrients inside my body. Hydrating, nourishing, antioxidants.


All you need is here. Electrolyte rich and can be your best ingredients.

Serving Size : 500mL.
Copper - %
Magnesium - %
Vitamin B6 1 %
Manganese - %
Folate - %
Vitamin K 39 %
Vitamin E - %
Iron - %
Calcium 0 %
Vitamin C 39 %
Vitamin A 14 %
Energy 181 kal
Protein 0 g
Sugar - g
Dietary Fiber - g
Carbohydrate - g
Potassium 745 mg
Sodium - mg
Cholesterol - mg
Trans Fat - g
Saturated Fat - g
Total Fat - g
Calories 181 cal
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. This Cold-Pressed Juice is raw and light filtered to protect nutrients. It may contain traces of tree nuts.
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Guaranteed 3 days on delivery. See label for best before date. Keep below 4°C.
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